NanoInside Workshop
Nanomaterials for Solar Energy
Date: February 2nd 2017
Location: Beatrixgebouw - Jaarbeurs MeetUp, Utrecht

Contribute to the program

We need your contribution to the program to build an interesting workshop and to increase our odds for a future research program on Nanomaterials for Solar Energy. Therefore, we invite you to contribute to the workshop by a brief pitch of approximately 5 minutes. There are two options as outlined below.

  1. Pitch a topic for a future research program
    We would like to identify 5-10 appealing research topics to demonstrate that there is a pressing need for a nanotechnology research program aimed at Nanomaterials for Solar Energy. Please note that a research topic would - in the end - typically involve several principle investigators (PIs) in the Netherlands and preferably it is well connected to institutes/industry and existing initiatives which will become significantly strengthened when the research topic would be funded.
  2. Share a success story illustrating the impact of nanomaterial research
    We would like to have approximately 5 highlights of past research that illustrate that research in the area of nanomaterials has had a significant impact in field of solar energy. This impact can for example be in terms of breakthroughs in conversion efficiencies or in the adoptation of nanomaterials by industry, etc. These highlights can serve as an example for a future research program.

Please note that it is key that we demonstrate there exists an active national research community in the Netherlands that is eager to work on important science challenges which have a relevance for economic development and societal needs. Furthermore, we need to stress that a joint undertaking is necessary and that we are in an excellent position in the Netherlands to do so.