NanoInside Workshop
Nanomaterials for Solar Energy
Date: February 2nd 2017
Location: Beatrixgebouw - Jaarbeurs MeetUp, Utrecht


After a very successful NanoNextNL program with one of the main research themes “Energy”, we are currently exploring the possibility to continue and expand the research related to Nanomaterials for Solar Energy*. For this we need to identify the national research community as well as to articulate the science challenges in order to define research topics in the field of nanotechnology that are of outstanding scientific quality and have a relevance for economic development and societal needs.

Therefore, as part of the Nano-Inside initiative within NanoNextNL, we will organize a 1-day workshop with focus on Nanomaterials for Solar Energy. This workshop will take place in Utrecht (Beatrixgebouw) on February 2, 2017.

Your contribution will be an important part of the workshop. Please contribute to the program by pitching a topic for future research or by sharing a success story of past research.

The registration deadline has passed. For further enqueries, contact Pim Veldhuizen directly.

*Includes both solar-to-electricity and solar-to-fuels conversion

Additional information

Nanomaterials are considered as key to the development of next-generation solar-to-electricity and solar-to-fuels conversion devices. The plan is to deliver a layout for a cohesive Nanomaterials for Solar Energy research program coordinated among academic partners, technological institutes and industrial partners in order to (1) articulate the science challenges and to identify opportunities for joint research in the field of nanomaterials to advance both the development of next-generation solar cell and solar fuel devices and (2) to come up with a proposition to convince policymakers and industrial partners to contribute and participate in such a research program.

In this workshop we aim to bring together key players from academia, institutes and industry to establish community cohesiveness and to guarantee a strong link between the academic activities and industrial interest. The intention is that participants have the opportunity to give brief pitches addressing the areas such as, but not limited to:

Traveling information

Public transport
The Beatrixgebouw is located next to Utrecht Central Station and can be reached from there with a five-minute walk. From the Central Station, follow the signs that read ‘Jaarbeursplein’ and turn left into the Traverse - before the stairs that lead down to the ground level - following the sign that reads 'Jaarbeurs MeetUp'. The Traverse leads to the reception of the Beatrixgebouw.

Car & parking
If you are travelling by car, please follow the signs that read ‘Jaarbeurs’ from the Utrecht Ring Road. For visiting the Beatrixgebouw, parking lots P1 and P3 are most suitable. The entrance of the Beatrixgebouw is across the street (Croeselaan).

The workshop will take place at the 3rd floor of the building in room 323. This information will also be displayed on a screen at the reception.